Violinist Beatrice Philips in recital, Debussy and Franck sonatas

Beatrice Philips

Anyone who was fortunate enough to have caught Kantanti Ensemble’s violinist Beatrice Philips in recital at St. John Sub Castro this past Sunday afternoon will, I expect, have some of the sheer musical energy she brought to it still ringing in their ears.

Claire Stevens

Sunday’s recital featured two violin sonatas, the Debussy in G minor and the Franck in A major.  Two top-notch pianists played with Ms. Philips–– Claire Stevens for the Debussy, and Peter Mraz, the Franck.

The musicality and expression throughout both performances were such that even the musicians in the hall could just relax and experience the music.  The thunderstorm that rumbled on throughout the Debussy might have been better saved for the blustery Franck but but the added atmosphere was still a delight. 😉

Peter Mraz

Ms. Philips is a very gifted violinist and, having only graduated from King’s College London (First Class honours degree in Music) in 2007, we should have plenty of time to watch/hear her continue to grow and develop.  The fact that she is the leader of the Kantanti Ensemble is very good news not least because it ensures that Lewes will continue to enjoy its fair share of her fine performances, at least for the foreseeable future.

Not to bang on about it, but St John sub Castro is yet another venue in Lewes that features high level musical performances on a regular basis and yet does not have a decent piano.  I’m not suggesting, of course, that a church should be responsible for the expense and care of such an instrument but I do think it behooves all of us who care deeply about live classical music to be considering the addition of a proper concert hall here in Lewes–-and a concert hall with a real piano.  Anyone seriously interested in forming a committee to begin to address this, please do leave a message here and I’ll be happy to get in contact with you.


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